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The Ecology Plexus

A bit of wildlife science ...

Modeling species, habitats, and ecological functions:

Birds and more birds:

A snag in the system?  Visit:

Readings and writings on wildlife ecology & management:

... some wildlife & eco-culture ...

Ecology Picture of the Week -- EPOW ... Every week view an exciting new photo and story about our amazing planet! ... With links to Google Earth  
(Mirror site in Portuguese, maintained in Brazil by Ana Lúcia M. Tourinho, M.Sc., Museu Nacional, Universidade do Brasil/UFRJ, Lab. Aracnologia - Deptº Invertebrados.)

How many recycled newspapers does it take to save a tree?  Weed it and reap.  
    (Mirror site on USDA Forest Service web page)

Owls in lore and culture. [This is the early version of this essay later published as a book chapter ... but with my updated owl myth stories from India, Africa, and North America.]  

What is the appropriate role of modeling in resource management agencies?  Here is one person's rather wry, if not sardonic, answer (maybe a little "ham on wry"). 

A Brief Glossary of Ecological Terms.  Not your standard scientific dictionary. 


... and some field adventures.

India -- images, stories, publications   

Congo -- images, stories, publications 

Alaska -- images, stories, publications  

Human and Ecological Communities of Inner Mongolia, China:  A System in Stress ... or, What I Saw When I Went To Inner Mongolia.

Islands of Sub-Antarctica:  What I Saw When I Went To The Chathams (a New Zealand adventure).

Does a hairy non-human anthropoid roam the dark woods of the Pacific Northwest?  Here is one wildlife biologist's interpretation of the evidence...  
    ...including a weird side trip to remote northeast India to explore for the Mande Barung... 

A sustainable plan for conserving forest biodiversity in Far East Russia and Northeast China.

Habitat corridors for Siberian tigers (569KB PDF) ... and status of Siberian tiger and Far East leopard populations (21KB PDF).


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