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A textbook on wildlife habitat:

paperback ... or hardback  

Wildlife-Habitat Relationships:
Concepts and Applications

Third Edition -- 
2006, Island Press

Michael L Morrison
Bruce G. Marcot
R. William Mannan

From previous editions:

What the book doesn't tell you -- the "director's cut" and "scenes omitted:"

GARTER - The expert identification system for garter snakes (Thamnophis spp.) of northwestern California ... yours to download and use.  And a postlude to the garter snake taxonomy problem.

Other expert identification systems to download and use: 
- Classification and management of slump-formed ponds in northwestern California 
- Identification of insect families and western species of trees and vertebrates

Finally ... the first photos of the rare polymorphic northern rough-skinned newts (Taricha g. granulosa) of the high country lakes and ponds of the Klamath Mountains.  Is this a rare example of sympatric speciation in action?  Are they besieged by UV radiation?  Some exotic pathogen?  Are they mutations with some as-yet known adaptive advantage?  Or are they just bizarre genetic deviants?

Need to track the fate of wildlife trees (snags) on your forest, and determine how many are needed by primary cavity excavator birds?  This Snag Recruitment Simulator does the trick.  Download the self-unzipping model here (1MB) (unzip it to any directory, then type SNAG to begin.)  Note: this is an old DOS program (a compiled spreadsheet) that needs to run in a DOS window under MS Windows.

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