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       On Truth

Trust in sense.  The sting of snow
Has more to teach than Whitehead text.
To feel is overture to know.
And should fallacious notion vex,

What rescuer reveals the path
But further sense?  Truths live and die
In how we feel.  In love, in wrath,
We make the rules and stultify

Logicians' code.  In form essential,
Truths grow in symbol, sense, and creed,
Asseverate as existential
Norm created by our deed.

        - bruce g marcot


Notes:  I wrote this in simple alternating rhymes in iambic tetrameter with four lines per stanza.
    The strong cesura (stops) within lines 1, 6, 7, and 9 play off the strong carry-overs of those lines, and against the strong line-end stops in lines 2, 3, 4, and elsewhere.  In so terse and structured a piece, it is important to vary line flow to avoid sounding sing-songy.
    Better, cesuras and carry-overs should be functional, not just ornamental -- they should emphasize specific & focal points, ideas, and words.  One example is the cesura (the question mark) in line 6; it sets up the next word 'Truths" to hit hard as central to the theme (conceptually as well as physically within the poem's structure).
    Likewise, positioning key words in prominant places should do the same, such as "Norm" in the final line, and "Logicians'" three lines earlier from that.

Above photo © Bruce G. Marcot.

- bgm

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