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         Red Rock Rise

                                                                                     Capitol Reef, Utah
                                                                             Waterpocket Fold Anticline
tan and brick fire red
    sheer walls rise from
        dry sand wash

angled under strain of the weight
    of sediment press'd creas'd
        over animal bone

north-south strike
    anticlinal dip
        the oldest geology text

clouds gather impermanent in the folded gorge
    flash flood knives carve
        the next stratum

i am free    i am
    free to explore the channels
        flood-prone dangerous

at this time of year
    head high sediment could bury me
        in a wall of red rock mud

and i too become the latest news
    seal'd in red layer'd fold
        beneath the sand

               - bruce g marcot


Notes:  I love this country!  The Canyonlands area of the desert southwest U.S. is amazing.  I have camped and traveled its backcountry in car and motorcycle and on foot.  Nearly got swept away by a flash flood one evening.

Above photo © Bruce G. Marcot; taken on the "Wall Street" trail of Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

- bgm

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