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        The Photograph

        As planar view of static earth,
        The snapshot struggles in its dearth,
        Existing as simulacrum,
        Reflecting world as flat and dim.

        But seen to symbolize the form
        Nonetheless refutes the norm;
        Collapsing space to angled frame
        Reduces symbol to token name.

        Then how to catch dynamic flow:
        With f-stop high and shutter slow?
        To limn dimensions true to mould,
        Must focal plane in space unfold?

        Let photograph assert no sense
        Of symbol, image, or concordance!
        Emulsion fades with apathy
        But speaks with raised intensity

        When drawing dissent.  No whimsy fashions
        Bind the aims of artistic passion,
        For gloss transcends ontology
        When care is urge to disagree.

        Half the onus lies with eye
        To help the film transignify.
        No mere reflection stares us blind;
        The photo lives with committed mind.

        - bruce g marcot

Note:  Above photo © Bruce G. Marcot; taken at Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe, California.

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