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        O Canyon Rock!

Grand Canyon 1973
O Canyon rock! of calm intense,
I share your worth.
No clearer view would raise my sense
of common birth.

Fractured sandstone bears my weight.
A mile down
the Colorado's serpentine
of green and brown

erodes this edge.  I, a passing
of Homo sapien eyes carressing
every star

must singly join with clay granitic.
No clearer sight
could ever find me more pacific,
nor more delight!

        - bruce g marcot


Note:  the strong cesura (period) at the close of the first stanza; the carry-over from second to third stanzas; and the strong, two cesuras in line 9, accenting how "edge" plays against "I."
    The piece is written in traditional stanzaic form with iambic feet, where the first and third lines of each stanza are tetrameter (four feet per line) and the second and fourth lines are dimeter (two feet).

    The above photo is © Bruce G. Marcot; Colorado River, taken in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

- bgm

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