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The Knowledge Plexus

For my colleagues concerned with the nature of knowledge and their apostolic science ...

The weird world of quadroid.  

Wildlife of Biblical proportions ... an exegesis of wildlife in the Bible. 

Where IS everyone?  Why hasn't ET phoned home yet?

What's a metaphor for "metaphor?"  Is bigotry an evolutionary adaptation?

Dial "666" for this conversation ... and mechanists beware!

When does "anti-wit" beat out wit?  A dramatic new relativism for viewing the world.

Ah, perchance to dream ... but are you more lucid when asleep than when awake?

Have a treat:  I scream koans.

What's Mayan is yours ... Abstract symbol links in Ancient America (archeoastronomy).

Knowledge in mysteries and trivia
    ... sci-fi & horror movie origins  
    ... other weird movie origins  
    ... some science mysteries  
    ... and sci-fi trivia  

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