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The Arts Plexus

For friends who ponder the nature of nature ...

Two Minute Tales ... a sci-fi and horror anthology 

Day Sky Wonder (atmosphericophotography) (OK, I made up that word)  

Images of wanderings:

      * 36 Years Before GoPro  

      * Adventures in tropical & temperate rainforests of Australia:
           Queensland:  photos of mammals ... photos of birds
           Tasmania & southern Australia:  photos of mammals 

      * More travel photos.  Get the virtual tours here ... 
Ancient ruins of Ancestral Puebloans (prev. "Anasazi") in Wupatki National Monument
           Remote wetlands and forests of Kaibab National Forest in northern Arizona

      * How owl'd are you?  Photos don't lie.  

Poetry of mind and sense:

      * A coastal redwood poetry & photoessay

      * For the nature-path(poet)ic literati ...

       * What I've published.

How many animals can dance on the side of a ring?

Compose yourself.  I did.

Cosmic images (astrophotography)  


    rosebud photo (C) Bruce G. Marcot ... for viv

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