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Welcome to Ecology Picture of the Week -- 
an archive and exploration of the natural world.

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I developed EPOW to share my stories about plants, animals, ecosystems, and other aspects of the natural world, from my own personal experiences and photographs.  I take responsibility for any inadvertent inaccuracies or errors in the text presented in EPOW.

EPOW is modeled after the outstanding site Astronomy Picture of the Day, and I gratefully acknowledge the wonderful work of authors of that site. 


I realize that, over time, some of the external links will become dead-ends ... but that is just the nature of the always-evolving Web.  I will not fix dead links in past postings, but I try to ensure that all links in current postings are functional.  I also will try hard to link to sites that do not create annoying or malicious code, but I cannot take responsibility for content or conduct of external sites (also see Disclaimers).  

Use Policy

ALL material on every page of this EPOW web site that is marked as Bruce G. Marcot or Bruce Marcot is my own copyrighted material.  This includes all my original photos and text.  Please do not pilfer, steal, or otherwise use my material without my express written consent.  Just email me and ask.  Professional and personal courtesy go a long way. 

I typically allow free, one-time, specified use of my copyrighted material for non-profit and not-for-profit educational and scientific use, but ask me first, please.  I like to keep track of what's being used, and why.  

I also sometimes allow use of my copyrighted material to for-profit use if it is educational or scientific in nature, but I reserve full discretion on individual requests.  

I typically do not give away my copyrighted material gratis to other for-profit ventures, but occasionally I will sell limited use rights in which I retain copyrights for my own future use particularly for educational and scientific use.  This is done totally on an individual basis at my own discretion.  

The point of my use policy is to offer my work mostly for educational and scientific purposes.  

What This Is

I took nearly every photo posted on EPOW, and wrote nearly every entry, good or bad, from my journeys and expeditions.  Each photo tells a story.  And upon occasion I have invited guests to provide their photos and tell their stories.

In the end, I hope that EPOW is fun, educational, interesting, and provokes thought and discussion about our environment and our place in this astounding world around us.

EPOW began life on the Taos-Telecommunity server out of Taos, New Mexico, run by my very long-time special friend, mentor, and colleague, Tom Bruce, and supported by his amazing techie son Michael Bruce.  I am grateful for their decade-long support and friendship that helped bring you ... Ecology Picture of the Week.

                                                                                                            - Bruce Marcot 



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- Bruce G. Marcot, Research Wildlife Ecologist


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